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This page is dedicated to our friend called Siba, a very special person, from Novi Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The page is written by Siba´s friends, living in exile.
A picture of the swiming pool in Novi Travnik Bosnia and Herzegovina

Swimming-pool in
Novi Travnik

 Now, as a result of the war in Bosnia, ex citizens of Novi Travnik are on all continents. We do hope that the page will help to Siba´s friends from all round the World to make contact with Siba again.

This is also a place for citizens of Novi Travnik to seek after their lost friends, make new and renew old friendships. It will be a place for exchange of messages and a place to make a list of Internet sites and e-mail addresses in connection with Novi Travnik and people from the town.

   Meet Siba

This is a recent picture of Mr. Nesib Subasic best known as Siba.

Siba was born in Novi Travnik and he is still living there. In 1975 Siba is graduating from high-school in Novi Travnik and starting working in "Bratstvo", Novi Travnik as a technician and designer of the mechanical components and tools. From the early beginning of the war in Bosnia Siba have tried to help people by defending them as a soldier.




  Very soon he realized that humanitarian work is the best way to help the people. By making contacts with different relief organizations and starting a distribution center for humanitarian help he tried to help the people. Siba have launched a few different programs for help. Children and retired people were first of all because they were badly distressed during the war. Siba made very successful co-operation with Feed the Children (UK), Islamic Relief, UNHCR and other humanitarian organizations. Today is Siba still in contact with humanitarian work. He is one of the founders of the MEDEX Mine Awareness Camp for Children and Youth (there is about 4 million landmines in Bosnia). The program objective is teaching children to recognize landmines and avoid them. The program is co-operation between relief workers, UN-forces (IFOR) in Bosnia and The Mountaineers Club "Haseljic Edin - Medex" from Novi Travnik.

This little words about Siba maybe are not enough. We wrote this page to make possible for others to become familiar with him. For us, ex citizens of Novi Travnik living abroad, Siba is living in memory and his jokes are endless theme for our conversation. Siba (together with Rade called "Dalamacija") was the best Santa Claus ever seen in Novi Travnik.

Look at some pictures from Novi Travnik.

   In 2009 he started publishing his blog named Captain Siba's Stories (Priče Kapetana Sibe in Bosnian). His blog drew attention to his war memoirs and was frequently visited and commented. In his blog he expressed his personal views on war times; it also drew attention to war suffering of ordinary people during the war. Unfortunately, after less than one year of publishing his blog vas banned and closed by the company who owned the blog

In 2012 he published the book Captain Siba's Stories (Priče Kapetana Sibe in Bosnian)

(Subašić, Nesib (2012). "Priče Kapetana Sibe", p 302. Weling Studio, doo Zenica, ISBN 978-9958-791-08-6)

A picture of the post stamp
A picture of the post stamp

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 If you want to write a letter to Siba, just do it. His e-mail address is:

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